Twas The Night…. Vol 1

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Being Ready:)

Family is very important, and in spite of the frustration presented in this scenario, everyone in this story is loved with the deepest of affection.  Also, the children involved in this story are not responsible for any parts of the mischief created by adults. They are innocent and thou shall they remain just that.

During the work-week, I drop my son off at school at 7:55am and then drop my wife off no later than 8:30am, and then I report to my life as a full-time grad student and coordinator of several college and K-12 student projects. To say the least, we are all busy and were looking forward to the holiday break.


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Staying Ready:)

In the first week of December, before dropping my wife off she mentioned several names of people who would need to stay with us in the month of December—-Quick note: My wife always has folks that need to stay over and I never have people stay over, that information is slightly important. Also, a number of these people workout fine, others don’t, that’s also important—–. So my wife presents the following three Fridays, Dec 11th, Dec 18th and Dec 25th as the days for visitors.   My biggest concern was first, Star Wars. We have been waiting for this movie since 1983 and this was the first Star Wars movie my son would see in the theater–this was major. Plus, my wife has a history of inviting people to movies she won’t be in attendance at, “Oh, don’t worry! Just go with the Nvizaboman and my son, they won’t mind. No, no, no, you don’t need any food, or money, just share his popcorn, Twizzlers, and Cherry Coke while I remain comfortably in my bedroom watching the same Hallmark channel movie for the seventh time.” That’s my wife, her stats are more consistent than Jordan in doing that and visitors create the perfect opportunity for her to win votes to make the “joy killer” all-star team.  My other concern was Christmas. We never have people over Christmas morning, that has been my son’s time, and ours, for many different positive reasons.

The first two weekends friends of my wife stayed over.  Their visits worked in theory and in practice.  What I was most curious about was “what kind of kat” would visit a human being on Dec 25th.  Before my wife exited the car, she says, “my mom texted me and said if it didn’t snow too much, she wants to know if they could come out?”  “Who?”  That’s me saying, who.  My wife continues, “her and my Dad. They haven’t done Christmas with us since ***** (my son’s name) was three months, and they have done Christmas with their other grand kids (she actually said their names), so, they would just come out with us this year.”  Quick note: Both of our parents live 13 hours away in our home state, thus the phrase- “coming out.”

As my wife finished her request, I looked at her with the same face we’ve been looking at Bill Cosby, R Kelly and Hiphop music in general; the look of somethin ain’t right about this, but I said, “cool, it’s good,” even though I knew it would be more to come, and that was exactly it, more people came.  8 people!

To Be Concluded……

In our tradition, during the entire month of December we play Christmas music everyday. If we are up, music is playing. One of my favorites….

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