The Legend that is, and will always be!

Julia & Corey Baker

On September 22nd my son completed his 18th year on the planet some call earth.  As I type this, today marks my niece’s 18th Birthday.   Two beautiful human beings that are beyond the greatest examples of humanity I could ever explain.   As my son arrives at this year’s age, I often get asked “what is your son doing about college,” and for me that question is loaded with “respectability” presumptions and certainty, a binary that forces my son and I to quickly formulate a college statement to meet the inquiry of the questioner.  In shorter words, too many folks want to question our life within the frame of their values, and at this point of time I am tired of answering folks on such limited terms!

Julia collector’s edition Barbie!

A part of my son’s collection

The question in a free society is, “what has caught your son’s interest thus far in his 18 years of life (?),” this question is open ended and presumes life is not a linear construct arrived at simply by asking questions that give limited opportunity for depth to one’s lived experience, interest, and developed values.   More important than a college education can ever provide is a 19-year relationship where, during this week, my son told me I should check out a particular interview with one of my favorite Emcees—Rakim.  Folks asking me about their own interest miss out on how much Rakim is valued in our home!  As well, when driving to see the movie “Joker” yesterday, my son gave me the news that the beautiful and brilliant legend, Ms. Julia herself, Diahann Carroll had passed away.

Ask us about Diahann Carroll!

Again, there is nothing wrong with college, but understanding the knowledge and lived experience of our children allows for an intimate relationship that nurtures an environment where youth learn the power of everlasting life is about acknowledgement, and I know Rakim would agree that Diahann Carroll’s role in our lives goes beyond words, she is absolutely the Best!





Love & Harmony


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