Twas The Night… Vol 2

During the work-week, I drop my son off at school at 7:55am and then drop my wife off no later than 8:30am, and then I report to my life as a full-time grad student and coordinator of several college, high school and elementary student projects. January 4th marked the beginning of this continuous schedule for the year 2016, and as I dropped off two of the most important members of my traveled experience, the common quote in our car was, “the holiday break was way too short.”

twas the night outside tree sleeping pic

Protecting Tradition..

Back in early December, when my wife spoke with her mom, she was under the impression that her parents were looking to be a part of our Christmas celebration. Both of our extended families live 13 hours away in the same city we grew up in.  When we had our son in 2001 we attempted going to our hometown for the holiday, even flying home on Christmas day one year. However, after too many family members to visit; too many trips in and out of car seats in the cold, and way too many expensive plane tickets just to create the feeling “the holiday break was way too short,” flying home had to come to an early end.  By the time my son turned the cute age of three my wife and I had decided our immediate family tradition would be for our son to wake up on Christmas morning in his own bed, for however long that tradition shall be.

Fast forward to early December, 2015 and my son’s maternal grandparents limited experience of being a part of his Christmas day, one could see how my wife might have been given the impression her mom was just talking about her and her dad, nope!  No siree bob Muhammad.  She wasn’t thinking that at all.  Here is what her mom had in her mind!  She, accompanied with my wife’s dad, plans to travel thirteen hours across the country with her son’s family of four, and drop them off at our house on Christmas Eve while she and my father in-sprit stay comfortably at a hotel, taking in a peaceful and relaxing Christmas Eve.  Not to mention; her youngest daughter, along with a friend, will be meeting them at our home on Christmas Eve, where they also plan to stay as my wife’s mom and dad rest comfortably at a hotel, taking in the calm and cool Christmas Eve night.

twas the night tree shadow pic

Protecting Family..

One might not suspect that all the siblings involved in this endeavor are over the age of 33, but they are. One might not suspect my wife and I didn’t have a clue that an entire clan was going to be in our home Christmas weekend, but we didn’t. And we all might suspect my wife’s mom is the Magic Johnson of “assisted invitation,” because she passed an entire family and holiday into my front room and joined my wife on the “Joy Killer” All-star team.   Now I know the intentions here comes from a place of love, however, there are a couple of factors that need to be acknowledged for my own peace of mind and the future of this All-star team.

To Really be Concluded….

In our tradition, during the entire month of December we play Christmas music everyday. If we are up, music is playing. One of my new favorites last year….

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