Lyrical Love…

monty & ingrid williamsNot necessarily a fan of the NBA but definitely a fan of basketball and many players that have played in the NBA, gym, playground and backyard. From my personal history with the game I have come to know quite a few players and when the news that Coach Monty Williams’ (Oklahoma Thunder) wife passed away due to a car accident, I knew exactly who they were talking about. I’ve known Coach Williams since his days at Notre Dame and his entire NBA and coaching career thus far. And we are also only a couple of years apart in age, and we are both married to our best friend.

We are all clueless as to what to say when your best friend leaves this world, especially in the manner in which his wife transitioned.   But when you hear someone speak love, it is a direct window into one part of the intimacy they shared with their loved one, and at Ingrid Williams’ funeral, Monty the husband, the father and human delivered that love.

Much honor, respect and a galaxy of love goes out to the entire Williams family, and everyone else making sense of losing a love one, and my wife & son and our years together. I love you both.


Love & Harmony!


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