“The Wheels on the Bus Go?”

Is your child’s bus driver a part of their educational experience?  If one considers that fruits and vegetables are a part of daily nutrition, they might also be willing to recognize bus drivers as an essential part to a healthy beginning and close to their child’s day.

I have a twelve year-old son and after homeschooling him through grades three, four and five, my son returned to a traditional school setting in the fall of 2013 to begin the sixth grade.  On September 6th (his first day of school), the first person we met was the bus driver that reported to our neighborhood.  This meeting set the tone for my wife and I to feel a sense of trust and security as our child re-entered the world of “institutional” education, which today is anything but predictable.

Nonetheless, when the bus driver approached our stop they were not swerving, or in a race against nvizabo vehicles.  This was most encouraging and helpful, because it meant at the least our driver was not drunk or extremely crazy, but, we still had to have the door open before we could conclude judging the situation; to our delight, she was a really cool bus driver (The entire school year)!

Five months later and our bus driver is one of the top aspects of my son’s schooling experience.  Her style is so good that when she was absent the latter half of last week, and yesterday, there was a considerable difference with her replacement driver.  One, he didn’t have a welcoming personality. Two, he was about to pass up our stop because he was running late.  And three, he doesn’t wait for my son to sit before he takes off.  So today when the bus pulled up in the cool fashion that I have grown accustomed to, and the flashing yellow lights brought the symbolic lyrics of caution, as the freshly red-painted stop sign made a return appearance that said, “Chuck Norris is not the only one to know something about an octagon,” I turned to my wife and son and said “she’s back!!”

Sept 6, 2013--Look at those beautiful caution lights as the Scholar awaits boarding.

Sept 6, 2013–Look at those beautiful caution lights as the Scholar awaits boarding.

Those little things mean so much more to parents.  The fact that my driver says hello means they are acknowledging the “planetary” leader of this child’s life form, and at the same time taking ownership of the responsibility that they are now accountable for my son’s well being.  And I need that acknowledgement so I can begin supporting this member of our community in doing their work.  And my son’s bus driver provides me that!

To all the bus drivers that recognize their cargo as precious human beings, please know parents value your deeds as much as any teachers or principal.  I am allowed to focus on my day because I am able to trust someone who cares is supervising my son’s travel to and from school.  If fruits and vegetables are a part of daily nutrition we must demand our child’s experience to and from school be balanced and I thank our bus driver for creating that healthy journey for my son.  Now we just have to work on the main course!

Love & Harmony

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