Unbelievable, but so Happy…

When I woke up this morning my wife told me my phone was buzzing!  As I picked up my phone I noticed I had received a text from my Brutha from Harlem, and the message had me holding back tears as warm feelings entered my heart and soul, a message letting me know the Legendary Group “Little Brother” has returned.

If you are clueless of this significance, ya mama did not love you enough, and your daddy probably defends Cosby as he over dramatizes his perspective while simultaneously pounding his fist into his palm–on cue with each point:)

Please stop that foolishness and join in the listening pleasurshrr– of “May the Lord Watch.”

I’m already on my 10th listen!  The Dream Team is back, and so is Mr. Nvizabo!  Great day for Hiphop—–!!!!!!!!!!!  These kats are beyond cold; it gets no better!!!!

Love & Harmony

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