Happy Holidays:) Hiphop and Decorating…


Our holiday music selection is very vast, and over the years songs run in and out of rotation because there is simply so many.  The same with movies.  One group, off the list last year, made a return this year and sparked a Hiphop conversation with my son.   “The Singers Unlimited” carols with the best of them and this year they returned to cover decorating music.  We are extremely accustomed to recognizing music samples; anytime either of us recognize a sample we simply say, “you don’t know what I’m talkin bout,” and then someone breaks down the musical connection.  Usually I say that, my son is more, “you know where that’s from, right?”

One of our artist (kid named Logic) used several samples from The Singers Unlimited and I wouldn’t make the connection until this holiday season, and it was extra cool because I felt like I have always known the harmony “Logic” looped, and this Christmas it came together.  It’s often hard to explain why particular artist appeal to someone, and Logic digs in many of the musical crates I would sample from, like video games and Holiday albums.   And ultimately, it made for a great conversation with my son as we decorated the tree.

Below is the original song and sample, and I was about to put both songs on this post until I noticed someone already linked them together.  So why not just look up the sample in the first place (?), because it defeats the experience of arriving back at a song you already know.  But here it is, and please know Logic uses profanity.

Below, I had to add Sharon Jones because she just passed in November, and my wife is telling me (as I write) that George Michael has passed away.  So, you know the deal, he has to go on here, because they both are in our holiday and year round music rotation.


—-“Happy Holidays to all across the land, from yours truly, The Nvizaboman!”—-

That was how the post was supposed to end before I heard about George Michael, so now I have to end by simply saying Thank you to Sharon Jones and George Michael…

Love & Harmony


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